Moti Baba Darga

Popularly known as ‘Moti Baba Darga’ This is the final resting place of Muslim Saint Hazrat Khaja Gulam Dasthagir Moti Baba. His Tile is Qutub- E – Aqtab Moti Baba.It is one of the most important durgas. Moti Baba became a friend of Hazrath Kader Wali of Nagore. He came to Chennai from Nagapattinam & lived with Janab H. A. G. Dastagir Sheriff & Family at 422, Pantheon, Road, Egmore , Chennai- 8. He breathed his last in same place in 1959. Saint of great spiritual heights he did his best for the upliftment of mankind. His anniversary of Kandoori Urs (known as ‘Sandana Koodu’) is celebrated during Hijra Era Dul-Haj month 25th & 26th every year. Special prayers are held on every Thursday & Sundays in the Darga at 7 PM.

Location : 422, Pantheon Salai, Egmore, Chennai-8,

Tel : 28192025.