Shri Mariamman Temple, Keelvailamoor, Villupuram district


I am one of the devotee for the Shri mariamman temple located in a small village called keelvailamoor in Villupuram dist . This was of about 400 years old and to be renowned and thereafter one kumbhabhishegam to be done
On completion of these renovation works , we can perform one small kumbhabishegam

1) Part I- It is raja mandapam constructed using granite stone slab( கருங்கல்) in front the the temple at the boundary of front side and no idol /doll were kept on the top of the mandapam . Now this Raja mandapam is to be modified with 13ft (W) x13.5 ft (H) along with mariamman sitting on the five headed snake ( nagam) with idoll of two girls friends standing side by having rose
This is the pending job left out before 400 years
2) Part-II – It is temple mandapam just before moolasthanam (gopuram ). There is Mariamman statue but corners doesn’t have any dolls like lions at four corner of the mandapam or no vinayagar, murugan in the front part of the mandapam etc., These may be kept at front side as per Sthapathi
3) Part III – Temple Gopuram where kumbam is kept . This doesn’t have any art work and it has flat side . Inside the temple under the gopuram , the shri mariamman statue was kept on the platform made up of blue metal stone ( கருங்கல்) . Behind this statue , there is no amman statue on the back wall . This is to be done now with mariamman sitting on five headed nagam

The total estimate comes to around 6-7 lakhs upto simple kumbhabhishegam without compound wall . The compound wall comes to around 2-3 lakh . Since there is no contributions /donations from villagers to meet these expenses , I request you to provide the list devotees who can give donation of higher amount and if you could able to arrange some fund through your known sources , i would be very grateful to you and to get the bless of shrimariamman
The pictures of front view of the temple are attached for your ready reference.

I request you to help in these regards

Please contact
Ocean Electronics Group
National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) | Govt. of India
Velachery-Tambaram Main Road
Chennai | PIN :600 100
Tamil Nadu | INDIA | 044-66783342

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